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  • Katie Sturino, style influencer at 12ish Style and founder of Megababe, has championed body positivity and inclusiveness in the fashion industry for years.
  • As well as offering incredible outfit inspiration, she challenged brands to expand their size ranges with her #MakeMySize movement.
  • We chatted with Sturino to learn more about his brand, blog, fashion inspiration and his favorite places to shop plus size fashion.

The average height of an American woman is between 16 and 18, but the fashion industry has often treated plus size clothing as an afterthought – many brands stop around size 12 or not. only offer larger sizes in neutral colors and basic silhouettes. Katie Sturino strives to make the fashion industry more inclusive so that everyone, regardless of size, can participate in fashion and find clothes they want to wear.

Sturino started his blog, 12ish style, after being featured in an article on ManRepeller. She wanted to give shopping advice to women who were in her size range and show that style has nothing to do with the number on a tag. Since its inception, she says, “the blog has become a place to encourage women to kiss and stop projecting so many negative thoughts on their bodies.”

It wasn’t just his followers who were inspired by his attempts to make fashion more inclusive – Sturino’s movements sparked changes in the industry as a whole.

How Sturino’s #MakeMySize campaign made a difference in the fashion world

Sturino started the #MakeMySize movement, where she is drawing attention to brands with styles limited in her size via Instagram and asking them to create clothes for more body. “I started #MakeMySize after getting enough with the fashion industry to congratulate themselves and say they had clothing options included or plus size when in reality they were maxing out at 14 (which doesn’t matter. NOT like a full size range), ”Sturino told INSIDER. “I wanted to let these brands know that I and a lot of other women would buy their clothes TOTALLY if they let us! Stop excluding the majority of the population.” Many brands have been receptive, actually adding more sizes in response. “My very first #MakeMySize was for Diane Von Furstenberg,” Sturino says, “and within a year or so they launched a plus size capsule collection!”

From her blog to her beauty brand Megababe (which offers cute solutions to common problems like thigh irritations and sweating breasts), Sturino aims to empower women to be confident in their bodies.

The industry as a whole may have a way to go, but Sturino told us about some of his favorite brands and retailers that are make the right choices. From great basics to beautiful high-end designer selections, here are the best places to find plus size clothing, as well as some of the styles that Sturino herself personally loves.

14 places to buy plus size clothing, according to Katie Sturino:

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