Vizag clothing showroom to pay client Rs 21,000 for charging Rs 12 for carry bag

A consumer court in the city of Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, ordered Central, a division of FLFL, a multi-brand clothing retailer, to pay Rs 21,000 as compensation to a customer for charging Rs 12 for a carry bag.

The order of the commission

Members of Visakhapatnam District Consumers Commission – I have also requested the retailer to return 12 rupees charged to the plaintiff named Seepana Rama Rao, a lawyer and resident of Vizag city.

Central Vizag

In its order, the commission partially upheld the consumer’s plea and ordered the retailer to pay Rs 21,000 for moral harassment compensation and Rs 1,500 for legal costs, The Times of India reported.

What happened

According to the plaintiff, he had purchased clothes worth Rs 628.96 from the retailer on July 14, 2019. The cashier placed the clothes in a carry bag and asked the plaintiff to pay Rs. 12 as the cost of the bag. transportation.

The complainant questioned and refused to pay for the carrier bag, but the cashier insisted on payment. The complainant paid and spoke to the store manager, who refused to provide the carrier bag for free.

central vizag
central vizag

The complainant later noticed that the carrier bag had the retailer’s logo printed on both sides. Although the complainant explained that it was illegal to load a carrier bag used for store advertising, the store manager yelled at him.

The first addressed the consumer forum to ask the retailer to pay compensation for moral harassment.

Unfair commercial practice

In 2011, the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) issued the Plastic Waste (Management and Handling) which ruled that “No (plastic) carrier bags shall be made freely available to consumers by retailers”.

The real intention behind this decision was to discourage consumers from using plastic bags because plastics are not biodegradable and therefore pose a threat to the environment.

Soon, retailers began to switch to more expensive paper and cloth carrier bags, albeit for a fee. Rather than discouraging the use of plastic bags, the provision of carrier bags to shoppers has now become a commercial exercise, which is illegal.

Central Vizag
Central Vizag

Brand logos are printed on these bags, which advertises the company. Retail stores cannot advertise their brands at the expense of consumers.

As a result, many customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with this alleged malpractice and have also filed countless complaints at various levels of consumer dispute resolution forums for causing unwanted mental harassment and engaging in contrary business practices. to ethics.

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