Vintage designer and sportswear brand, Rick’s Retro, popping up in the North Quarter this weekend

This Saturday, Ducie Street Warehouse will host Rick’s retroone of the leading vintage designer clothing stores.

The brand was created online in 2015and has since become a staple for retro collectors and fashion enthusiasts, featuring brands such as Burberry, stone island, Adidas and Patagonia.

Rick’s Retro sources high quality used clothing and offers every piece at extremely discounted prices. He prides himself on sourcing the highest quality garments, while being transparent about any marks or flaws in certain pieces.

The store has has continually endeavored to meet the needs of its customers by distributing rare pieces from all corners of the globe, many of which have yet to see UK shores due to its vast aggregation of foreign collections.

It stores everything oversized sports sweatersat shell costumes, polo shirts, fleece jackets, t shirts and coats – all expertly branded and assembled by the team at Rick’s Retro, and will no doubt bring a treasure trove of its finest vintage gems to Northern Quarter this Saturday.

The pop-up store will be at Ducie Street Warehouse from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. where you’ll have the chance to ride the rails alongside a soundtrack from Ducie Street’s resident DJs and drinks from the bar.

Ducie Street Warehouse also has an excellent restaurant with an impressive menu of small plates. The building’s laid-back, art deco interior makes it a great place for an afternoon drink or dinner, with cuisine featuring flavors from around the world.

It also has a wonderful outdoor terrace for al fresco dining and enjoying the rare sunshine that Manchester is looking to be blessed with this weekend!


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