The best plus size clothing subscription boxes

In May, Loft launched an unlimited clothing subscription service for $ 65. It allows users to pick up three items at a time per month, with unlimited exchanges (and shipping) within 30 days. This means that if you’re on top and timing it well, you could have two new outfits almost every week.

As a connoisseur of subscription boxes, I immediately noticed the similarities between the Infinitely Loft and Gwynnie Bee setups (which recently expanded to straight sizes from plus size clothing rentals only) , all in a positive way. Infinitely Loft is extremely user-friendly when it comes to browsing and selecting clothes, and all shipping and dry cleaning costs are covered by Loft. It’s also the most comprehensive selection I’ve seen, with regular, maternity, tall, petite and larger sizes available. (Plus sizes range from 16 to 26; Loft’s large, small and maternity collections go up to 18.)

To get started, you sign up, pay $ 65 for the month, and start “tidying up” items in your virtual closet. You need to have at least eight pieces to start. (Loft also recommends having 20, in case something is out of stock and so they can ship your selections to you as soon as you return. Notify what items you have at home.) If you like what you get. , you can buy the clothes from Loft for 50-80% off retail.

Advantages: The first thing I noticed while browsing is that you can see a regular, larger, and smaller article on the same page. people who are on the verge of over and could fit straight sizes. It seems more inclusive that way, and Loft has always been great to have items ranging from size 0 to size 26. It also does well with seasonality and versatility in its product selection, offering wrap dresses. short and fluid maxi long alongside more tailored looks (skirts, pants, blouses and blazers) for work. I found myself adding at least five things to my closet from every page in the plus section, and there were around 240 articles available at the time of writing this. The search feature isn’t perfect, but if you try something like “floral combination”, every floral pattern combination will appear, and it will. all be added to my bathroom.

When I saw a white denim jacket, I couldn’t hit PRIORITIZE fast enough. I had seen it on the Loft site and had considered buying it before, but hadn’t pulled the trigger. Now I know: it’s going like a dream. And I bought it $ 54 less than if I had bought it a week ago from (The jacket costs $ 89.50, but I bought it for $ 35.50 plus tax.) Trying before you buy is great for a store I’m already shopping at, as I can determine my ideal size .

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