summer fashion: comfortable clothes will dominate menswear this year, according to fashion experts

Summers have arrived in force! While sweltering heat might not be what to hope for this season, your dapper summer style sure can be! It’s time to break out those sunglasses and refresh your wardrobe with comfortable and cool fashion. Since the pandemic outbreak, there has been an interesting shift towards comfort mode. The lockdown has seen individuals choose to find comfort in fashion instead of the crisp, uncomfortable clothes they previously preferred. It was not a sudden change, but a gradual change as the world adapted to living in these unprecedented times and working from home with all its comforts. And this summer season calls for it more than ever! Satyen Momaya, CEO of the French menswear brand in India, shares upcoming trends in the menswear category.

In the recent past, people have turned to loungewear, sportswear and comfortwear, and rightly so after realizing the need to put a relaxed fit over an awkward fit whose only benefit is its appearance. This new category of “comfort” clothing can be worn both outdoors and indoors, making it a better choice for the environment and creating less waste. It was one of the most requested products in 2020 and 2021. For example, who hasn’t heard of the hype surrounding a comfortable set of sweatshirts and joggers? Or are sports shoes being replaced by flip flops and casual shoes?

So unquestionably, tracksuits and jumpsuits have made their way into town. Not only do they provide comfort, but they also add that much-needed punch to everyday clothing. Offering a sleek and elastic fit, they have also found their way into some popular and stylish airport looks.

Another trend would undoubtedly be the resurrection of bright colors, making our summer days so much brighter and cooler. With bright colors resurfacing in recent seasons, now would be the time to include bold palettes in your summer ensembles, ranging from pastel to neon. But don’t worry yet. Those not quite ready to push their limits so much can add just a splash of color to an otherwise monochromatic ensemble; maybe with the help of a prop or even shoes.

One trend that may never go out of fashion is denim. During summers, one can opt for extra soft denims – a timeless garment that is softer than silk and cool like linen. Jeans have the power to pair with just about anything to give you an instant dapper look! But if you want to take it a step further and pair trend with trend, a cool linen shirt with soft-touch denim would be the perfect choice. Not only an essence of summer, but they also have enough variations to completely complement your wardrobe. Consider a 100% linen shirt, for a casual day out or for a more dressy/formal event you can opt for reversible shirts, crepe shirts and dobby shirts which always come to the rescue. Shirts printed with simple denim would also do wonders for your otherwise plain look.

This season also saw toxic masculinity break down, with men embracing more flattering clothing and what was supposed to be “women’s clothing”, proving that fashion has no gender. Roses and florals have been effortlessly incorporated into menswear.

So, in the end, fashion can be anything you feel comfortable and confident about because there are no rules to follow. Mix and match, bright colours, athleisure and prints may be the current trends, but in an industry that is changing day by day, the only constant is your personal style and taste. Hope you all have a stylish and cool summer

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