Six in 10 Britons would consider buying second-hand clothes

With waste in the fashion industry a growing concern for customers and businesses, the retail tech start-up Underwear reveals that 62% of Britons have considered buying second-hand clothes to reduce their carbon footprint. The independent payments and retailer app says nearly seven in 10 Britons (67%) say they consider the environmental impact of online returns.

The London-based retail app highlights the country’s growing interest in conscious shopping in its new ‘Returns to the UK’ report. Interestingly, the new findings also showed that over 82% of Britons underestimate the true cost of online returns for retailers.

With the COVID-19 pandemic triggering a significant increase in online shopping and the volume of online returns, convenience remains a top priority for many consumers. Two-thirds (66%) of Britons say their least favorite part of the retail return process is having to go to a place such as a post office to drop off an item. Additionally, more than two-thirds of respondents (66%) would not choose to purchase an item online if they had to pay for the return.

The research also found that on average a majority of Brits (64%) return products every few months, with sizing issues being the most common reason for returns (51%).

Founded in 2021 by Tash Grossman and Eddy Herman, Slip sets out to innovate and simplify the retail experience with a B2B and B2C proposition centered around the use of digital receipts to create a more sustainable, omnichannel, seamless experience. friction. Each year, approximately 11.2 billion non-recyclable paper receipts are printed by retailers, however, the Slip app allows partners to opt for a sustainable alternative by providing scannable QR codes to generate unique digital receipts for customers and staff.

Further information on the nation’s view on product purchases and returns can be found in the report which will be available from Available to select UK retail and consumer partners, Slip will officially launch in Autumn 2022.

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