‘RHOA’ Fans Slam Andy Cohen For Promoting Shereé Whitfield’s Clothing Line!

Congratulations to the executive and Watch what’s happening live host, Andy Cohenthrew his support behind The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, by Sheree Whitfield clothing line, and fans had a lot to say about it.

Sheree Whitfield

The She By Shereé clothing line was officially launched last week, after the RHOA final episode, which featured a long-awaited fashion show. Sheree, who announced his design project 14 years ago, finally managed a fashion show and offered the clothes to the public. The launch didn’t go smoothly as the brand’s website crashed and the reality star was criticized for marketing clothes that looked like overpriced knockoffs from Amazon or Shein .

Andy took to Twitter to post a photo of himself wearing a gray hoodie printed with the She By Shereé logo on Monday, September 5.

“Got mine….. #SheByShereé @IamSheree,” he captioned the snap.

Fans flooded his post with reactions and opinions, with many referencing the issues that plagued him. at Sheree product launch.

One fan joked, “Meanwhile, no one else can buy it.”

Another noted: “Yours was free! Smdh.

A third asked: ‘But did you order it from the Andy site?’

An onlooker rumbled, “Congratulations. It’s one of a kind since no one else can buy them.

Another person pointed out—”Andy you are very kind to these women always helping them to promote their ideas. But with She by Sheree It’s time to go. She didn’t design these clothes, they look like clothes she got from China or Shein put her logo on them and sell 4 mega profit.

Sheree Whitfield

The sweatshirt Andy worn in her Twitter photo is offered for $252.

Some fans weren’t buying what he was selling and called the big shot Bravo.

One fan tweeted, “Looks like he was forced to put it on.”

Another agreed: “The tweet. The legend. The face. All of this is problematic. I’ll just leave it there.

Sheree Whitfield

Some fans took aim at the design and quality of the items.

One person wrote, “This junk is so basic it looks like it came from those bulk order promotion companies where you get your logo printed on anything you want in a very short time.”

Another user quipped, “…looks like the free express service sweatshirts at any Westin in the world.”

Sheree Whitfield

Sheree, 52, told buyers in a statement that the site crashed after being uploaded due to “overflowing interest” and an “influx of love”. The site briefly went back online on Tuesday but went back down on Wednesday.

at Sheree trending accomplishment on Twitter last month, as the reality star was roasted for not walking her talk while building a brand she endlessly tuned into The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Sheree Whitfield

Fans watched the highs and lows of at Sheree slow road to success since RHOA Season 2. at Sheree The first fashion show fell through and fans later reported that there were no more pieces for sale after the Bravo star managed to release a collection. In 2020, Sheree announced his brand was up and running, posting a video to promote his new focus on athleisure.

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