Newspaper-print clothes are back thanks to Carrie Bradshaw

sex and the city was the pinnacle of television viewing for an entire generation of women. Two decades later, he’s still regularly referenced in pop culture — whether it’s for Samantha’s iconic one-liners, sex, or, of course, fashion. Ask people why they like it so much and it’s probably a combination of all three.

Back in the air thanks to And just like that, the world’s attention has returned to Carrie Bradshaw and her wardrobe once again… and there are few looks as memorable as the famous Christian Dior dress she wore to lunch with Big’s wife, Natasha (she later wore it in the second SATC movie too, but we won’t talk about it).

Designed by John Galliano for the French fashion house, the meaning of the dress was actually much more nuanced than we thought and probably was not the best choice for a meeting with a woman whose marriage you had ruined. “The Dior newsprint dress has a sordid history worthy of #F*ckingCarrie,” the Instagram account @everyoutfitonsatc explained alongside a photo of Ms Bradshaw wearing the dress in question. “Galliano raised the idea of ​​a brilliant print of Elsa Schiaparelli from 1935 made up of her own press clippings. The ‘Christian Dior Daily’ print debuted during the infamous ‘Hobo Chic’ couture collection from 2000. Galliano was inspired by the homeless people he saw on the streets of Paris, presumably at 3 a.m. during a session of Moët and coke.He was also inspired by the Tramp Balls, which were essentially lavish parties of the 1920s to 1930s where Parisian socialites dressed like the poor to have fun.

“The show enraged critics and inspired Zoolander’s unforgettable ‘Derelicte’ collection. Not entirely satisfied with its blatant aestheticization of poverty, Galliano reworked the newsprint theme in his next ready-to-wear show and robe was born. So if you thought Carrie was a callous bitch for harassing Natasha and ruining her wedding and her lunch, remember that she’s also a heartless bitch for appropriating misery.

Who knew?! But as they say, “this dress is, and always will be, everything”…which is why so many of us have coveted it over the years. Many high street retailers have released a version of it in the years since, most recently Zara which has just released its own version of the classic.

Below are some of our favorite newspaper prints currently available.


Capitalizing on Carrie Bradshaw’s renewed global love for all things, Zara has just released its own version of the classic look. Featuring an asymmetrical neckline and long sleeves, the draped fabric is super flattering too. All you need is a cosmos and some fabulous shoes to complete the look.

Reformation Noha printed crepe mini-dress, €165, Net-a-porter

Similar and yet not enough similarly, this black number pays homage to the iconic John Galliano dress that Carrie once wore. Decorated with newsprint and imagery of original 20s It-girl Josephine Baker, the gúna itself is made from crepe and has a fit and flare silhouette that makes it super easy to dress up or dress down.


Climate Newsprint High Rise long straight cut jeans, €235, Reformation

Jeans are a staple in any wardrobe. They work because they’re versatile and you can pair them with just about any top, cardigan, and jacket you own – the outfit combinations are endless. Sometimes the standard blue or black denim can get a little boring, which is where this newsprint pair from Reformation will help spice things up a bit. Wear them with matching colors or make a statement with a pop of color or a contrasting pattern…the choice is yours.

Desigual leggings, 74 €, Zalando

If a completely monochromatic look isn’t for you, then this slightly more colorful pair of leggings from Desigual might be. The high cut and chunky waist make them super comfy, while the quirky doodles and squiggles mean they’re extra unique too. Resisting the urge to complete the crossword puzzle on the leg would probably prove too difficult, let’s be honest…


Sheer white top with newspaper print, €29, River Island

Sheer tops might not be the most practical choice if you’re dressing for the weather, but sometimes fashion means sacrificing comfort. For daytime wear, layering is your ally – layer it under a vest, short-sleeved top or cardigan for extra warmth. For night, pair it with a dressier blazer or button-up cardigan and add red lipstick for a very Taylor Swift style in her. Reputation vintage look.

ASYOU gathered knit shirt with newspaper print, €26.95, Asos

There’s something about a collared shirt that immediately makes you look serious. Slip one on and you’ll really feel like you’ve got your life together, which is exactly why we love this ASOS version so much – it makes it look like you’ve made an effort when all you’ve done is. put on a nice top. So your makeup might take a while to perfect, but choosing an outfit won’t… perfect choice for people who are texting “on the way” when they haven’t even left yet the House.

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