New from Primark: the new ‘flamboyant’ pink and white clothing range that’s ‘soft’ for a Sunday outfit

A new range of pink and white clothing from Primark has sent fans into a frenzy. The new range, which is now available in all stores, has been hailed as the “perfect” outfit for a Sunday night out.

The clothing store chain unveiled the new outfit for tops, bottoms and shoes, with an accompanying handbag. The pink and white set includes a white top, a pink skirt, pink shoes and a white handbag.

The range was shared on Primark’s Instagram feed. A spokesperson for the chain said: “A lovely Sunday look. Prices from £6/€8/$9.” The range is now available in all UK Primark stores and online.

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Fans reacted overwhelmingly positively to the news. elizabethmholly said the outfit was “cute” with rebeccacaverly_styling saying she “can’t wait to shop tomorrow”.

There were many people praising the pink skirt in the outfit. stylesbylovey_ added the comment: “What a fiery combo”.

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The new items come a day after Primark unveiled “stunning” yellow heels for summer this weekend. The post showed dark blue denim jeans with white flower patterns all over. The jeans have been cleverly arranged on a sofa and the heels placed on top of them.

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