Mum saves money by stitching Nike logos onto Primark clothes

Kat Burman doesn’t see the point of spending a fortune on sports gear when her son “only cares about playing football and running with his friends”. The 37-year-old bought a £300 Cricut machine, which makes iron-on designs, and decided to use it on her son’s clothes.

The beautician makes Nike ticks and logos and irons them onto £2.50 Primark t-shirts, as well as her plain PE bag.

Kat also used the hack to modify a real Nike coat, covering a pink logo – the only one in stock – with a white pattern.

She got the idea after using the kit to decorate face masks, so she started doing it on clothes this summer vacation.

Kat, from Northampton, said: “There’s no point buying expensive branded goods when all my son cares about is playing football and running with his friends – his clothes don’t last. not long.

“Honestly no one can tell the difference and they love them. The coat is actually Nike but they only had one with a pink tick in stock so I printed on the pink with white.”

Her teenage son also has ADHD, which makes him more particular about fabrics and “tags” on clothes, she said.

She learned to use the equipment using YouTube.

It comes as another mum has shared a ‘life-changing’ hack she uses when buying her children’s school shoes – meaning she doesn’t have to lug them around The stores.

Terry Wheatley, whose five children are all under ten and hate shoe shopping, says buying back-to-school shoes for his children was a difficult task.

The 33-year-old would have to take her children shopping for shoes separately over a five-day period, which would cost her a fortune in petrol.

However, she found her own way by making stencils of each of her children’s feet.

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