Microsoft Brings Retro Designs With New Hardwear Apparel Collection

That said, viewers might not know what the garment advertises just by looking at the name printed on the garment. Hardwear isn’t exactly a well-known brand, and only shoppers will likely associate them with Microsoft. Only two pieces — a pair of t-shirts, to be exact — actually have explicit references to the software giant. One shirt has the old-school Microsoft Paint icon printed on its back, while another has the iconic Windows XP wallpaper.

The other pieces are quite sober, including the jacket and the overshirt. Some, like sweatpants and tech cargo pants, look almost old school and dated. It seems to be a recurring theme in the collection though, especially with nods to classics like MS Paint and Windows XP. Whether you’re proud to be seen wearing them may depend on how strongly you support Microsoft and want to support its fashion line. At least it’s not the Xbox Onesie, which would probably have you laughing out of the room unless you were around other Xbox fans.

Without the Microsoft credentials, the whole collection is pretty much average and nondescript, which is perfectly normcore, in other words. This is a double-edged sword since it allows these garments to be worn almost anywhere and on any occasion that does not require formal wear. On the other hand, some consumers may find them annoying or even unidentifiable, which defeats the purpose of being walking brand advertising.

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