High-end clothing brand JNBY in hot water again

Well-known Chinese clothing brand JNBY is in hot water over controversial prints on its children’s clothing. Still.

Netizens have complained on social media about some of the company’s recent “creepy” and “creepy” designs on children’s clothing, including ghost heads.

Some netizens took offense to JNBY’s recent “creepy” and “scary” patterns on her children’s clothes, including ghost heads.

A children’s short-sleeved dress from the children’s sub-brand “jnby by JNBY” is printed with a picture of a slippery child with an English line in capitals, reading “I’m scared! I wish they would stop, I don’t want to land. No!!!”

High-end clothing brand JNBY in hot water again

A staff member at the brand’s Tmall Store responded to complaints from netizens that it was a western taste.

Clothes with “inappropriate” prints were removed from sale at its Tmall Store on Tuesday afternoon.

It wasn’t the first time the brand had been caught up in a print controversy. Last September, the company was ordered to remove children’s clothing printed with texts such as “welcome to hell” and “let me touch you” and some images of violence.

The company was recently fined 800,000 yuan ($120,263) by the market watchdog in Hangzhou for posting an incorrect map of China marked with inaccurate borders on its official website.

The company was also fined on May 9 for violating the country’s advertising law, according to the Tianyancha app, a business database.

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