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A strip or straight line that differs in color from the fabric on each side is called a stripe. Let’s learn more about striped clothes, with the help of this article.

What is a striped garment?

“Striped fabric” refers to any textile that has been knitted, printed or woven so as to form bands of different colors that are equally or unevenly spaced across the surface of the fabric.
Striped garments are among the earliest examples of woven textiles still in existence. Due to its widespread use, it has been used to identify members of military regiments, graduates of universities, organizations, and other affinity groups. Additionally, striped clothing has occasionally been popular in women’s fashion since World War II.
Most striped fabrics are used today to make dress shirts, ties, and men’s suits, partly in the belief that vertical stripes will give the appearance of a leaner, taller silhouette.

How to style it?

The stripes can be worn however you like, whether horizontal or vertical. While the majority of fashion gurus advise using vertical stripes to elongate your body and look taller, a study suggests that horizontal stripes might not have the same effect, but the fit of your clothes has a significant impact. on your appearance as a whole. Don’t be afraid to combine the stripes with other stripes or patterns; wearing stripes on slanted stripes is very fashionable and makes a splash. They also look great when you layer them, wear textured clothes with them, and play with color.

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