Do you want to improve your game as a sportsman? Here are 5 sportswear brands you can trust

Sport is an integral part of our life. We all play some sort of sport in our lifetime. Baseball is widely played in America. Football is popular in Europe. And cricket is a phenomenon in the Asian region. People play sports in all parts of the world.

Sportswear is a glamorous aspect of any sport which makes it attractive to look at. We all love to wear those jerseys and pants that give us the flexibility and comfort to perform at our best in a game. Besides, we all want to look stylish in these coolest kits.

This year has been a pivotal year for sport. The English cricket team won the World Cup title for the first time. MLB is in full swing and the Yankees are the favorites again. And the American open series has just started.

So there is sport everywhere and people cannot look away from the hot boys on the pitch. Some are so obsessed with awesome team uniforms that they even buy kits from their favorite teams and use custom patches on them.

Here we are sharing a list of some of the best sportswear brands you can wear to support your team:

  1. Adidas

Launched in 1924, Adidas is one of the world’s leading sportswear brands. According to Statistical, the value of the Adidas brand is $ 16.7 billion, which is twice what is valued in 2016. This certainly explains the growth of this brand in recent years.

Adidas has many brands under its label including Adidas Stan Smith, Superstar and Gazelle, which make top notch products that are valued for their comfort, quality and durability. It manufactures various products to help sportsmen and athletes improve their game. Some of its top selling products include tracksuit, tank top, graphic t-shirt, hoodies and the list goes on.

However, the brand is mainly known for their premium sneakers which are the best in the business. Adidas Stan Smith is his best-selling sneaker that alone has generated over $ 50 million in sales over the past four decades.

The Adidas logo is one of the most visible brand identities on sportswear. Many people even use custom embroidered patches from Adidas to add an element of style to their clothing.

2. Puma

Great rival of Adidas, Puma took on its rivals to become a major force in the sportswear industry. Puma’s history has spanned over seven decades and it has reinvented itself after each decade. Of those seven decades, the three decades included his know-how in footwear products. Today, Puma is the world’s third largest sportswear brand with stores in all regions of the world.

Puma’s success lies in the emphasis placed on the design aspect of its products. It has made the most aesthetically pleasing athletic shoes among its competitors. The Puma Suede is considered one of the most beautifully designed sneakers of all time and it influenced urban fashion of the 70s.

Puma has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years. In fact, the first quarter of 2019 turned out to be the best phase in the company’s history as it generated over $ 100 million in sales. The tremendous increase in sales is the result of its recent collaboration with brands like Upscale Vandal and ADER Error. Some of its many top-rated products include suede sneakers, printed t-shirts, tracksuits and tank tops.

3. Reebok

Reebok was the leading sportswear brand of the ’90s era when it faced stiff competition from brands like Nike and Adidas. The latter acquired it in 2005 and since then it has experienced significant growth in its activity. Reebok offers the most versatile sportswear worn by athletes, whether they are runners, hikers or weight trainers.

Reebok is famous for its super soft sneakers which are ideal for any athlete. They are comfortable, light and durable. But sneakers aren’t the only claim to this sportswear brand’s glory, and they have a range of plenty of other sportswear that will keep your spirits up on the court. Some of them include t-shirts, pants, hoodies, sweatshirts and jackets.


ASICS started out as a basketball shoe company and found instant success with the business. Soon her sneakers were seen at the Olympics. The cross-striped design of its sneakers became the iconic design and represented ASICS on the international sporting scene. The company achieved its first success with its Onitsuka Tiger which was all the rage in America in the 1960s.

The GEL-Kayano sneakers are another shoe from ASICS that made a big impact during the 90s. It has been praised for its use of theta gel in the heel and forefoot and for its cushioning that makes it extremely comfortable to wear. At just over 11 ounces in weight, GEL-Kayano is one of the lightest shoes in the sportswear market.

ASICS sells sportswear for every athlete and sportsman. You can buy everything from a t-shirt and hoodie to tights and socks from this brand. And we bet that the quality is there.

5. Under the armor

While Under Armor is a relatively newer sportswear brand on this list, it is certainly no less. In fact, it is ranked among the world’s most valuable sportswear brands with a brand value of $ 3.75 billion. So what is it that makes this American brand such a big influence in the sports arena? Well everything.

It has everything for every athlete. Whether you are a sprinter, weight trainer, gym enthusiast or professional athlete, you will find something for your sartorial needs. Under Armor isn’t just a brand for people on the runways or at the gym, it’s equally popular among streetwear enthusiasts who like to wear sportswear.

The brand has recently received a lot of hype after collaborating with big names in the sport like Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Stephen Curry. The latter turned out to be a lucky mascot for Under Armor. Stephen Curry is worth more than $ 14 billion at Under Armor.

So if you want to buy from this company, you can get great items like polo shirts, short sleeves, tank tops, joggers, sweatpants and sneakers. It also sells high-end sports equipment and accessories such as backpacks, water bottles, coolers, belts, gloves, hats and sunglasses.

These are the best-selling sportswear brands. If you are an athlete, you can trust these brands to UP YOUR GAME!

Nowadays, fashion designers and manufacturers of sports uniforms widely use custom patches to mark clothes. Embroidery is a classic way to modify clothes, jackets, shirts and caps. A personalized patch as a logo looks a lot better than an ugly, itchy label. In sports, custom embroidered patches are commonly used by fans. You can see fans wearing baseball caps with the logo of their favorite team.

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