Dior faces criticism over new skirt resembling ancient Chinese clothing

French fashion brand Dior has sparked public outcry in China after introducing a pleated midi skirt, which is believed to resemble an ancient Chinese horse-head skirt. Also known as “ma mian qun”, the ancient skirt dates back to the Song dynasty of the 10th century and was commonly worn by women in the Ming and Qing dynasties. An opinion piece on People.cn accused the Dior skirt of being similar to the Chinese horse-head skirt: “When many details are the same, why is it shamelessly called a ‘new design’ and a ‘characteristic Dior silhouette’?” questioned the comment published by People.cn on July 16, 2022.

The commentary also explained that China has left many cultural legacies over the past 5,000 years of history: “Many designers who use Chinese elements will admit that their design inspiration comes from classic works of Chinese culture. traditional Chinese. Chinese culture belongs to China as well as to the world. We support learning Chinese culture to enrich human life,” the comment said. “Dior is a great brand. To cherish his feathers, he should be more rigorous in designing clothes and marketing, and he should not do things that are against law and reason,” the comment read.

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The author of the article also urged Dior to clarify and address the concerns. “It is not only the responsibility of an internationally renowned company for its own corporate culture, but also a tribute to world history and cultural heritage. Dior must understand that consumers around the world not only watch, but also vote on Dior’s performance.

The skirt is described as “a signature Dior silhouette, the midi skirt is updated with a sleek and modern new variation. Crafted in black wool and mohair, the pleated design is accented with a tonal belt with buckle metal at the waist.The flared skirt can be worn with a printed T-shirt to complete a bold look.

INTERACTIVE-MARKETING has contacted Dior for a statement. The criticism comes shortly after Dior faced backlash in China after an image of a dark-skinned Chinese model in traditional attire holding a Dior bag made the rounds in the market. The image has polarized netizens, with some saying the brand “smears” the image of Chinese women, while others defended the photo depicting a type of beauty different from the usual attributes of fair skin and big eyes. Despite the image taken by famous Chinese fashion photographer Chen Man, Dior decided to delete the image on social media.

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