Business Roundup: La Jolla welcomes clothing, therapy, coffee, surfing and hairdressing businesses

From Bird Rock to UTC, business ventures are opening or making changes in and around La Jolla. Here is an overview of what’s new.


Touting clothes that are “created uniquely for the Southern California lifestyle,” Vuori opened Feb. 11 at 7841 Girard Ave. in La Jolla.

Vuori (pronounced vee-or-ee) was founded in Encinitas in 2015. It offers functional and versatile clothing for men and women that can be worn while exercising — or not.

“We understand that people are working remotely and taking a lunch break to exercise or take the kids to the park. So our pieces perform technically well and look very neat and fit right into the wardrobe,” said Catherine Pike, Vice President of Retail for Vuori. “They are also perfect for traveling and working. They’re built to move, styled for life and focused on versatility.

Joggers “put us on the map,” she said.

The La Jolla location joins 14 other stores nationwide. “We’re thrilled to be here,” Pike said. “I live in La Jolla, so I’m excited about this one.”

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Health during a field trip

Combining the use of ketamine and conventional therapy, Field Trip Health recently opened in La Jolla to target treatment-resistant depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Ketamine is a short-acting, injectable “dissociative anesthetic” that allows users to feel disconnected from pain and
their environment.

Field Trip Health is located at 8950 Villa La Jolla Drive.

(Courtesy of Lauren Cabaldon)

Field Trip Health clinic director Lauren Cabaldon, a psychotherapist, said ketamine use is a “craze in the psychiatric world and is gaining a lot of momentum legally and in the medical field.” She said her clinic uses it to supplement talk therapy.

“We are a sanctuary space for dealing with trauma,” she said. During a typical session, patients receive an injection of ketamine from a nurse practitioner and then work with a therapist to process the feelings and thoughts that arise.

“Ketamine isn’t a traditional antidepressant in that it doesn’t just boost serotonin,” Cabaldon said. “Ketamine can enhance our default mode network so we can step back and see why I am behaving or feeling a certain way. … It goes directly to that traumatic memory or painful self-talk and allows us to look at it differently. It enables inner healing. It changes the neurological pathways in our brain in a really lasting way.

The clinic opened on December 15 at 8950 Villa La Jolla Drive. Its services are partially covered by insurance.

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Blue bottled coffee

With most of its coffee certified organic and roasted in small batches, Blue Bottle Coffee opened in the Westfield UTC shopping center on January 29.

Blue Bottle’s UTC Coffee offers a rotating selection of blends and single-origin coffees that change seasonally, according to a press release. The culinary menu includes items such as Liège Wafels (a deep-pocketed Belgian waffle), ham and cheese sandwiches, and avocado toast.

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Hermose Surf

Hermosa Surf opened in January at 5636 La Jolla Blvd. at Bird Rock.

The store, run by half-brothers Benny Walter and Attila Betyar, stocks Walter’s retro-looking but modern-functioning surfboards, as well as Betyar’s screen-printed merchandise and shirts, as well as smoothies, teas and acai bowls.

“We grew up three blocks away, so we have a lot of memories of that neighborhood,” Walter said. “We had thought about how to combine our skills, as well as our background in surfing and cooking. We are local and have been working in the field for nearly a decade. We have the skill set and knowledge to deliver something that fits the community. »

Surfboards made by Walter are “unique in that we have asymmetrical designs and glass fins, which is more of a retro, old-school way to put fins on,” he said. “But the feel and ride of the board is more connected and smooth. … We’re doing cool art and a hand painted look. We’re doing a fun little combo.

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Nicholas J. Vincent Salon

At Nicholas J. Vincent Hair Salon in Bird Rock, customers are offered a cocktail or coffee at the start of service. Stylists are even considering adding hand massagers.

“We create a pleasant environment, we strive to provide the best customer service possible,” said Ana Batule, co-owner and native of La Jolla. “We teamed up with Nicholas Vincent, the head stylist and one of our partners, because he has a great reputation. It doesn’t do extensions, but it does pretty much everything else.

Services include haircuts, Brazilian blowouts, keratin treatments, perms, highlights, balayage and full color, blonde maintenance, root touch-ups and more.

“All of our products are natural, and the companies whose products we sell strive to offer sustainable and clean products. We appreciate that and are proud to offer these products,” Batule said.

The salon, which opened in October, is located at 5707 La Jolla Blvd. Learn more about or (858) 246-6021.

Hotel La Valence

Hotel La Valencia, the “pink lady” of La Jolla at 1132 Prospect St., celebrates 95 years in business and now features specialty cocktails, a new archival photography exhibit commemorating the history of La Valencia and in-person and online purchases of items. with the limited-time 95th anniversary logo.

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Hotel La Jolla

Hotel La Jolla, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, is doing facade work and painting the building as part of a project slated for completion in late March or early April, according to Leslie Mercado, director of sales and marketing.

“We are waiting for the scaffolding to come down to start organizing anniversary-related events,” Mercado said.

The La Jolla Hotel is located at 7955 La Jolla Shores Drive. Learn more about ◆

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