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WOODSTOCK – A new men’s clothing store, co-owned by a member of City Council, is moving to Main Street in downtown Woodstock. Pending completion of construction and renovation projects, traders said the store is expected to open in early October.

“I own the property and the buildings, then I have a 50-50 partner who has been in the apparel business for over 20 years. It’s a long-standing professional suit, a tailor-made type of clothing, ”Woodstock City Councilor David Potts said Monday.

Little River Clothing Co., a business of Potts and its local clothing designer partner, which has wished to remain anonymous, will sell men’s clothing and suits in the front section of the two-building store and outdoor clothing and gear. in back.

“We call it the business party model. We even have shirts made with a mullet on it – business clothes on the front, party clothes, outdoor stuff on the back, ”said Potts, who also owns Founders Insurance Group at side.

The clothing store, located at 8368 Main Street, will sell bespoke suits, other business and professional clothing and accessories, outdoor clothing, paddleboards, water sports paddles, swimming gear. camping, coolers and personalized casual wear. Potts said the company will customize the clothes for both the fit and the look. If you like the color of one shirt, the fabric of another, and the style of a third, he says, Little River Clothing Co. will combine it all for you.

In addition to the tailor-made clothing on offer, the company will also sell well-known brands. Some of the brands are well known, Potts said, but many are “niche products.” The point, he said, is to have fun with the business but not try to overdo it, like an REI-type store would.

“We have some cool brands coming up that you might never have heard of that aren’t stocked in the stores here, but they’re great products. So we’re trying to find niche products that people will love, ”said Potts. “We’re not trying to compete with all of these women’s clothing stores or anything. We just want to have a cool place where guys can buy clothes and not store everything but store some really cool stuff… And if it gets bigger, it gets bigger.

He said Little River Clothing Co. would sell brands like Marmot, Duer jeans, Purnell, Howler Brothers, Cova boardwear, Free Fly Apparel, Mountain Khakis, Lakeshore Paddleboard Company and Pau Hana Surf Supply.

To describe the type of business he and his partner want to work with, Potts described another process his suppliers use to create their products:

“We have these socks from a place called Farm to Feet. These guys bought a factory north of Memphis – a textile factory that was (closed), nobody was working there, nobody was working there. They bought it and gave jobs to 28 people there, ”he said.

He said the company treats its employees well and takes the extra time to create quality products from domestic raw materials.

Potts also said that the subcontract work for the new barn structure to be built, renovations to the existing structure which will also be pushed slightly towards Main Street and signage and shelves to hang in the buildings when completed are entrusted to local workers and even some county officials.

“(Cherokee County) Commissioner Bob Kovacs does a lot of the metalwork for our signs,” he said. “We are using a local Woodstock drywall specialist. If I can use the locals, I prefer to do so, although it is a bit more expensive.

Potts said the company will create a few retail jobs for the city and that company staff hope to make the store more than just a shopping destination. He said the “commercial section” of the store could also include a small bar where the men could come “relax and talk about clothes”, and once the new patio of the existing building is built, the barn is built and the doors opened. , the company hopes to organize barbecues or community events.

“We don’t just want it to be a clothing store. We want it to be a local meeting place too, ”he said.

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