6 Indian labels creating the minimalist clothes of your dreams

Here we are, navigating the tranquil, conscious waters of minimalism, a concept often misunderstood and misunderstood. To begin with, minimalism is an artistic movement, a perspective, a way of life and in fact a fashion subculture that has taken root by reflecting societal upheavals. It’s not just an aesthetic. Let’s not limit its broad encompassing scope while reducing the concept to a fading gimmick.

Minimalist fashion, on the other hand, was well received, except for the occasional rage of maximalists claiming their path to dominance. Announced in the West by pillars like Jil Sander and Phoebe Philo, minimalist fashion has only recently been able to establish itself in our country. The reasons require no further clarification. We like a good (loud) show and that’s about it. But the market is changing, consumers are changing, and there is a burgeoning interest in anti-fit and androgynous clothing that very much indicates a change in clothing.

If you too want to embrace change or identify as a seasoned minimalist, check out our selection of brands offering clothing rooted in this very concept.

Sand by Shirin

Streamlined garments, contemporary silhouettes and fluid sized garments are central to the Sand brand philosophy. Founded by Needledust founder Shirin Mann, her luxury clothing brand is not only celebrated for her artistry, but also for her eco-conscious penchant for fabrics made with aloe vera, soy protein and of banana. Pictured is their ‘Osaka Top’ in the color sage with an exaggerated scarf-neck kimono. Tara Sutaria is a patron but she’s not the only one, Sand certainly boasts a budding celebrity clientele.

The summer house

Tell us something more classic than a well-cut white dress, we’ll wait. This ruffled dress from The Summer House is made from organic cotton batiste and is characterized by its anti-fit construction. The real star here – POCKETS. This dress has pockets in the seams! As excited as we are, we sincerely hope other brands take diligent notes. Style tip: Accessorize this piece with cuffs and braids as you prepare for your next trip to Goa.


Maybe a hot plug. Right off the bat, one wouldn’t necessarily associate Cord with minimalism. Their collections are art laden, concept laden and often a saturated concoction in terms of print/color coding. But each room has a certain harmony. Whether simple white trousers or a jacket with bright prints. There is a sense of tranquility which is an almost recurring feature in all of their collections. The Blotch print wide leg pants and Kahlo belt are handmade from ethically sourced leather. Talk about wearable art.

Khara Kapas

Worn by climate activist and Bollywood actress Dia Mirza, this Crayfish dress is a wraparound A-line piece from Khara Kapas. Built on the ethos of a minimal design language, the brand is known for its clean cuts and relaxed silhouettes. Kapas translates to cotton, which is also an integral part of their range. Do not miss to discover their new collection for the little ones. It’s not very often that we see designer brands expand their target audience and tap into new segments with such ease.


A cottagecore dream personified. Buna is a confluence of traditional and innovative. It embodies the spirit of slow, mindful living with its silhouettes, design inspirations and delicate handwork. This ecru Héritage pleated dress exudes old-fashioned romanticism, thanks to its bishop sleeves and finely pleated gathers. Their dresses are lightweight and super breathable, so we can finally brave the sweltering heat without compromising our sanity at all.

Urvashi Kaour

Urvashi Kaur’s eponymous brand identifies itself as offering “conscious luxury”. With treasured attributes like mindfulness and inclusion at the heart of their brand, their designs are an extension of the same. Synonymous with a free-flowing, non-binding brand, their palette consists mostly of earthy, muted hues, micro-creases, and strategic stripe placements. Lots of praise for achieving pure color blocking here, a beautiful piece indeed.

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