3D printed clothing and the future of bespoke fashion

Have you heard that you will soon be able to 3d printed clothing in your house? This is true – although the reality may be far off.

For now, it’s super interesting to follow the evolution of 3D clothing. From dresses designed to perfectly fit a woman’s body to 3D printed knits, there are some really cool projects out there.

Read on for everything you ever wanted to know about 3D printed clothing.

How does 3D printing for clothing work?

Have you seen 3D printing examples, but don’t know how it will translate into clothing?

You are right to be confused.

It’s notoriously difficult to find durable 3D printing materials that work like regular fabrics. It’s hard to achieve the kind of drape and loose effect you expect when working with materials that behave more like plastic or rubber.

However, smart designers are finding ways around this.

A rubbery and flexible material called FilaFex is favored by designer Danit Peleg, and it curves to perfectly adapt to the shape of the body.

Garments printed in 3D usually contain a lot of spaces, which allows the remaining material to adapt to the model and achieve a more “drape” effect than a solid garment.

Some designers 3D print separate components for their clothes and then put them together by hand. This allows for more flexibility than trying to print items in one piece.

For now, it looks like 3D printed clothing will remain a rather stiff and rubbery affair. However, new developments in materials and technology mean that the possibilities keep increasing.

What type of clothing has already been 3D printed?

Want to see what has already been achieved in the wild world of 3D printed clothing? Keep reading to learn more about some of the most cutting edge clothing that has been created so far.

3D printed clothing tailored to your body

Have you ever imagined a magical and futuristic world where your body is scanned and clothes are designed to fit perfectly?

Imagine no more.

With 3D printing, it is 100% possible to create items that are perfectly tailored to the precise curves and contours of your body.

The Kinematics dress from the American design studio Nervous System was printed in one piece, made up of triangular components and based on a 3D scan of the model’s body.

The dress has been designed to be comfortable and easy to put on. The ease of 3D printing also made it easier to print several different versions for testing.

Sounds like the dream, right?

If this technique becomes mainstream, we’ll be the first to add the ultimate fitted dress to our wardrobe.

Colorful 3D printed clothing

Many early 3D printed garments stuck to basic black and white shades, but that is all changing now.

Many 3D printers allow the use of many different colors and materials, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Designers can choose a bold hue to print an entire garment or print many components in different colors and then connect them by hand.

3D printing makes it easy to design a single item and then print it in many different colors, which is great for designers who have trouble choosing colors. In the future, that could mean owning your favorite top in any color under the sun, even fun. character clothes.

3D printed knitwear

Have you ever tried to sit down and knit your own sweater?

You probably lost interest pretty quickly, didn’t you?

Fortunately, 3D printing is already being used to create unique knitted pieces, without the need for hours of human labor.

Most designers currently print the components of their garments and then use separate knitting machines to create the finished product. In the future, we may see machines that can complete the whole process in one place.

Knitted 3D printed clothing may be more breathable than traditional knitting and could be perfect for wearing during sports. They are durable, flexible and made from materials that do not contribute to overheating.

Unfortunately, until softer materials can be 3D printed, we probably won’t be printing super comfy sweaters or cardigans.

3D printed fashion accessories

3D printing offers many opportunities when it comes to accessories such as shoes, socks, ties, hats, etc.

Since these items are generally made from stronger materials and do not need to be so “thin”, the problems with rubbery materials are less significant.

Unique 3D printed ties are already taking off, with some really cool geometric designs available. If you are looking for a truly unique piece for your collection, 3D printing is the way to go.

Custom 3D printed props like this could easily be used by groups or brands.

Imagine a hat printed in 3D with your brand name. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Click on the link to see more on designing your own personalized cups, 3D printed or not.

It looks like 3D printed fashion accessories will be some of the first to really go ‘mainstream’, so now is a good time to start thinking about what you would design if you could.

What might 3D printed clothing look like in the future?

As 3D printing is developing rapidly, it is not clear where the world of 3D printed fashion might take us.

It is likely that shoes and other 3D printed accessories will become mainstream first, followed by practical clothing, such as sportswear.

If sufficient progress is made in the development of new materials, we might start to see everyday clothes, like jeans, t-shirts, jackets and dresses. Having clothes made to perfectly fit your body shape is sure to take off.

And who knows, maybe one day 3D printed clothes could be printed right from your home.

No dress for the party tonight? Print one!

Why keep pace with 3D printed clothing?

The world of 3D printed clothing is constantly changing, and keeping up with the latest trends ensures that you are always on the cutting edge of fashion.

Whether you’re a budding designer or just love clothes, you can’t afford to ignore 3D printing.

Want to learn more about the latest style and beauty trends? Browse our content.

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